Two Brothers Who Love Each Other More Than Life

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These amazing and so cute cats are brothers. They love each other very much and they will be together for all life. On these photos we can see their story from the time when they were kittens to the present today when they are big cats but still cute. Folow their big brother love on these photos below and enjoy and maybe we can learn something from them.

Meet Boone & Crockett

They’re brothers. They were litter mates.

And they love each other.

A lot. They love to snuggle.

Spooning is their favorite.

But hugging is great, too. But apparently, nothing is better than intimacy with your brother.

They like to snuggle with humans, too.

They don’t always HAVE to be spooning…, just as long as they’re close.

Sometimes they find themselves snuggling alone. But that doesn’t last long.

They like to redefine the term “brotherly love.” Like, really, REALLY redefine it.

But it’s ok. They’ve been together from the start. And they’ll be together ’til the end.